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Large Business & Call Center Networks

Take control of your companies communication needs with Resolution’s fully customizable web-based networks. We at Resolution understand the importance of communication for large businesses. Not only can we provide you with traditional telecom services, Resolution Telecom can create infinitely scalable telecom networking solutions that fit the exact requirements for your growing business at a fraction of the cost. With a limitless amount of lines and extensions, you can also enjoy a state of the art secure messaging service that will always keep you in touch with your business. Rest assured that your businesses communication needs can also be met both in and out of the office, we can network your mobile devices for your mobile team. Our customer service agents are waiting to hear from you,contact us now to get started.

Service Details:
  • 20+ telecom extensions
  • $0.030/ minute thereafter
  • unlimited calling features
  • from $19.95 per extension per month
Web Based Telecom Features:

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